With over fifteen combined years of roasting experience, we bring a voracious appetite and discerning palate to every establishment. No beer too bitter, no meat to rare – we will sample whatever we must in order to publish only the most accurate and detailed of roast reviews from London and surrounds.

We operate with a core team of 3 dedicated roasters who work tirelessly every sunday collating smells, interpreting textures and analysing crispiness for our reviews. Our trio also regularly travels with a rotating entourage in order to get the widest possible cross section of feedback for our reviews. Working anonymously, we leave only a review card and an empty plate.

Are we serious? Hell yes we’re serious. Your roast had better be good.


Crackles was born with a pork shoulder in his mouth and a fork in his hand. His first words out of the womb were ‘crackling’ and ‘gravy’. When his milking teeth finally got around to falling out, his mother noticed they were shaped like mini pigs trotters. Crackles’ favourite roast is pork, and his favourite butcher is Godfreys in Highbury. Crackles believes brocolli is the only green that should be seen, although that’s not to say he doesn’t like vegetables. His ideal roast is a slow roast shoulder of pork with roast spuds, mashed spuds, roast carrot, parsnip and pumpkin, cauliflower cheese, steamed broccoli, lashings of gravey and side dish of crackling. And if that sounds like a lot, thats because it is. Crackles was born to roast.

Industry Boy

Industry Boy lives and breathes club culture, so it makes some sense that come Sunday, the only thing that will get him out of bed is a good Sunday roast. Since he moved out of his mummy’s, his life has been an unashamed search for the one. Industry Boy’s particular expertise pertains to gravy, which he believes is a window into the soul of a lovingly prepared Sunday roast. “Roasting a chicken, and getting potatoes crispy is easy, but it takes a true master chef to create the perfect gravy, which is neither too watery, not too overflavoured as to overpower the individual flavours of the plate,” he says. “I’m looking for a chef that crosses his Ts.”


Renardo earned his stripes doing the roast circuit in the pubs of Surrey before transferring his skill set to central london. His palate also extends to faraway places such as Finland and Romania, but he still swears by a hearty London roast. Renardo is a master of the grill, and is no stranger to rendering a slab of beef a perfect medium rare. He can’t stand overcooked chicken and has been known to fly into an uncontrollable rages due to PRDD*. Renardo is known for his safari sized appetite, sometimes even having 2 roasts in a day – one for lunch and then one for dinner. Renardo loves a trashy sunday paper, so keep your eye out for a giant teddy bear with news of the world. It could well be him.

*Pub Roast Dryness Disorder. See the Oxford Review for more information.

The Sweet Fiend

The Sweet Fiend loves conspicuous consumption. A cityboy by day, his gout-inducing diet of calorific portions and lashings of booze tastes all the more sweeter when he’s able to blab about it on Twitter (followed by the word BOSH). We couldn’t think of anyone else better placed to judge the sugar, cake, cream, chocolate, and custard that always seems to close our Sunday gorgings. We welcome him with open arms to the RS brigade.

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