Roasters love meat. Burgerers love meat. Primarily the juicy, perfectly medium rare, well aged, well seasoned, melt-in-your-mouth stuff. As such, I thought it was only fair that The Meatwagon got a little mention on Roasted Sundays.

Run by a nice bloke called Yanni, The Meatwagon is guerilla burgering at its finest. Renardo, Industry Boy and I were a bit late getting on the ‘wagon’, so there’s many a well written summary floating around the net already. Check out Will Eat for Money for a great in-depth look at what exactly goes on inside this portable meat temple.

Basically I’m just putting these photos up because I want to share a little piece of heaven with you. Apparently Hawksmoor, Goodman and The Meatwagon form a shimmering equilateral triangle of meat, cheese and bun perfection within London. I haven’t had the chance to try the former two just yet, so the Meatwagon currently holds the crown for me. So far it’s easily the best burger I’ve had. I mean, just look at it. It’s bloody glorious.

Yes, you have to wait 45mins while it is hand sculpted to perfection.
Yes, the cheese is a secret so don’t bother asking.
Yes, the philly cheese steak is just as good as the burger.
Yes, you will only see The Meatwagon appear at a handful of pubs around London, and mostly on school nights.
And yes, I was so busy shovelling this ridiculously tasty burger into my gob that I forgot to take the requisite cross-section photo.
But the photos I did take should give you an idea of what the hype is all about.

As you can see, this is not gourmet fare. If you ask for a turkey breast with brie and wilted rocket in a focaccia Yanni will probably slap you in the face. What you get here is a solid handful of cheese riddled meaty awesomeness. It is a cheeseburger in its purest form. It can turn vegans into real people. It will invade your dreams and demand to be eaten for breakfast. It is easily as good as everyone is saying and I highly recommend you undertake the mission to try one.

From £6.

Check the facebook/twitter for location updates.


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  1. Diane Clarke Says:

    Where are your next venue and dates ?

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