I was lucky enough to receive the very thoughtful present of a Butchery Class at the Ginger Pig for my birthday this year. And let me tell you, it was nothing short of completely awesome. If you have been thinking about going, then let me help you decide. DO IT. If you love your food, more specifically, meat, as much as I do, it will be one of the best learning experiences you can have.

It’s a 3 hour course, and providing you chose to do the pork class (there is also beef, lamb and sausage making) it goes something like this: An intro of 30mins or so spent hearing the Ginger Pig story, followed by the different types of pigs they raise, how they live and when they are slaughtered, and why you pay a premium price for this delicious meat. I can now justify shopping here and not Sainsbury’s. After that it’s onto the real stuff, and I’ll cover it in brief as you really need to experience it for yourself.

Firstly you will learn all the names of cuts from a pig, and why neck-end is the best. You will learn what is best for the bbq, and what is best for a slow roast. You will discover that a side of pig is damn heavy. You will discover splitting a trotter in half with a meat cleaver is not nearly as easy as Perry makes it look. You will find out that nearly all of the pig is used for something, and you will quickly decide never to buy sausages from a supermarket again. You will get spattered blood. You will play with very sharp knives. You will learn how to do perfect crackling every time. You will cut up a lot of meat, and have a bloody (ha) good laugh doing so.

After this you will de-bone, de-fat and roll up your very own pork loin to take home for later roasting. And just when you have cleaned your hands and thought that was it, you will be presented with a gargantuan plate of roast pork, scalloped potatos and what was the best crackling I have ever eaten. You could actually hear a collective sigh from the group as it was pulled off the meat in big crispy sheets. It is a serious amount of food, and as to be expected, the standard of pork was out of this world. It is, ze best. And I nearly forgot to mention dessert. I’m not the biggest fan of bread and butter pudding but this one had me licking the bowl. However big your appetite, you will struggle to go hungry at the Ginger Pig.

So to Perry and Borut, thank you again for a wonderful evening. I had a fantastic time and I consider myself very lucky to have learnt from the best. To everyone else thinking of doing it, get yourself down there now. You don’t know what you are missing out on.

**I did take photos, however they have been packed up with my iMac (more on that soon) so I shall add them when I unpack it at the other end. Watch this space.


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