Wow, who turned on the gas? This past Sunday, our traffic exploded with 643 visits in just 24 hours. That’s an insane amount for us, and more fuel for the blogging fire. Our search for the UK’s best Sunday Roast will continue, thanks to your interest.

We actually started this blog because we woke up one Sunday at Renardo’s house, hungover, cold, and hungry, and desperate for some decent British comfort food, the mighty Sunday Roast. The only problem was, there was an abundance of pubs offering Sunday Roasts in London and that was not something we were happy to face, having to surf through all of those websites looking at libraries of menus. It was tiresome, boring, and time consuming.

If only someone could have pointed us the way, you know, like a friendly old man in the village who had eaten at every pub and knows a good Sunday Roast from a dud one. If only there were some obsessed Sunday Roasters, mad meat lovers, who had reviewed every pub in London and come up with a definitive list of the best ones. If only…

That’s when we decided to launch RoastedSundays. We never had much expectations from the blog, other than people to find our reviews and ratings useful. We never expected big traffic.

It’s great to know that there are Sunday Roast fans out there using our reviews come Sunday morning. We hope your hangover is a little easier to bear with Roasted Sundays in your bookmarks.

Thanks for reading. Leave us some comments, spread the word and give us some love!


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