You may of recently noticed the Water Poet managed to casually pip the Bull and Last for the top spot, with a very respectable 8.8/10. Since that glorious sunday, some people have been asking what it takes to crack the double digits, what it takes to score that elusive 10.

Allow me, dear seeker of the roast, to explain. Here at Roasted Sundays we mark all pubs on 10 individual categories which are then combined for a final score. In order for a pub to score highly, they first must be a consistent scorer. If you have one category that falters, ie potato’s (The Oxford, The Crown) or the yorkshire pudding (The Woodbine), this can quickly drag the overall score down.

So the roast is consistent in all categories. How does said roast become a 10? Well, this is what separates the jus from the bisto. The tenderloin from the topside. The aga from the oven. We want to see the roast taken to the next level. We want to see pubs really going that extra step to push their roast out in front of the rest. For example, as of yet no pub has used a gravy boat. We have had some excellent gravy, with several 9’s getting about that’s definitely true, but so far no-one has gone beyond the call of duty to really make the gravy stand out. We also want to see some originality. How about offering different types of gravy? or having roast pumpkin in the veg?

The Crown scored full marks for their massive bowls of vegetables, the sheer variety on offer was worthy of a 9, but the fact that they infused roasted garlic throughout the bowl was what took it up to a 10. The Water Poet and The Woodbine scored the full 10 for their meat as there was absolutely nothing to fault. A top quality cut and perfect in colour, thickness, temperature and flavour, we felt it really couldn’t of been done any better. It is these faultless qualities, these little extra touches, that we are looking for right across the board.

Don’t get us wrong, a 7 and above is a great roast and definitely worthy of trying for yourself. But when we are out in the field, we are searching for those pubs that really throw everything they have into creating the best possible sunday roast experience. Something that for us, The Water Poet did very well indeed.


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