Regular readers will notice a distinct lack of activity on the roasting front as of late… apologies for the lull. Now the excitement of the easter break and several other weekends have died down (adios, fresh powder) we are back in full swing this sunday.

Over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to sample 2 absolutely delicious home cooked roasts, and as such I feel said roasts deserve a mention on Roasted Sundays. Nothing beats the late morning smell of a roast wafting out from the warm hazy glow of the oven, reminding you that soon enough you will be facing a mountain of lovingly prepared meat and vegetables, knife and fork ready to assist delivery of every last gravy covered morsel to your patiently waiting mouth hole. And the one thing nearly as good as the food? Second helpings. You just can’t beat it.

The first roast was courtesy of Tony & Judy at Hydfield, a lovely old farm house located between Westhope and Woebly, 2 tiny villages just outside of Hereford. We had a beautiful side of roast hereford beef, potatoes flaunting first-rate crispiness, roast carrots, broccoli, parsnip, a smashing gravy and all the condiments you could think of. There were 3 desserts to follow – chocolate mousse, crumble and a refreshing lime foam dish of which I can’t remember the name. Annoyed I didn’t have my camera with me as it really was of epic proportions.

Of equally epic proportions, Easter sunday involved  2 locally sourced loins of pork, creamy mashed potatoes, cauliflower, beans, carrots, delicious apple sauce and oodles of gravy, all enjoyed at John & Fiona’s place in Sarrazac, a beautiful sleepy little french village an hour south of Limoges. The pork itself was juicy and tender, wonderfully seasoned and very well cooked. No crackling this time, but with the cheese course, chocolate mousse, apple crumble, coffee and cakes that followed it was probably for the best! This time I did have the camera, so here are some snaps from what was a fantastic easter lunch.

See you on sunday…


3 Responses to “Home Cooked Goodness”

  1. Su-Lin Says:

    Oh, I’m so craving a roast now but my oven’s kaput. 😦

  2. Fungus Says:

    next time I cook a roast I’ll send you guys some pics :}

    cooked an epic one for younas and joffs on sunday

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