The Unearthed Supperclub Roast

January 28, 2011

Sunday afternoon. 2.30pm. It is a sacred day so the Roasted Sundays crew have arrived at a church in Bethnal Green for a Sunday service. The congregation of 15 strangers depart the winter chill, climb the stairs and enter in to the grand church hall, greeted by our pastor for the afternoon Chris Sandel, to take our seats for communal worship. We are all here for one reason and one reason only…to celebrate our faith…THE SUNDAY ROAST!

Our pastor (or should I say host and nutritionist) is Chris Sandel and he has kindly invited us in to his home to experience a new venture that he and his colleague and chef Matt Phelps have recently set up. It is called the Unearthed Supperclub, at which a gathering of like minded food lovers are thrown together over a three course meal cooked up by Matt and during which Chris explains the nutritional benefits of the ingredients that we are eating.

Chris and Matt had been reading the reviews on our blog and they felt that whatever The Hawksmoor, The Albion, or The Bull and Last could do, they can do better! It was a bold statement which intrigued the Roasted Sundays members so we felt we had no option but to take them up on their challenge and see what they had to offer. 

Upon our arrival we were presented with some delightful canapés and Prosecco. The cosmopolitan guests mingled with each other while we could see through the open plan living area/dining room in to the kitchen where chef Matt was hard at work. It is no easy task preparing a three course meal for 15 people in a home kitchen but the smells that were emanating from there indicated that he was clearly on top of his game.

The starter, a winter vegetable soup with Jerusalem artichoke and St Gall cheese was swiftly sent down the hatch and supplemented by an educational digression in to the nutritional value of each of the ingredients by Chris. We learnt a great deal but our minds began to wander as over Chris’ shoulder we could see Matt plating up lamb shanks, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and veg. Chris as the nutritionist was replaced in our minds with Chris the boxing ring announcer. The words ‘saturated fat is good for you’ replaced with ‘This is the main event…LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!’

The plates arrived. Industry Boy tore himself away from behind his new camera. The Sweet Fiend rubbed his belly. Renardo began salivating. The guests started tucking in and the only noise heard for the next 15 mins were groans of approval. The deafening silence testament to the quality of the food. The fall-off-the-bone lamb shank was fantastic, tender and tasteful. The roast potatoes (some would say the make or break for a great roast) cooked in goose fat were crispy and fluffy. The Yorkshire pudding was airy and soft. The gravy of meat juices and stock was oh so flavourful. Industry Boy was euphoric that there was no shortage and his was the first hand to be raised when asked ‘Does anyone want more gravy?’ The combination of winter vegetable mash, greens and lamb faggot stuffing were the perfect accompaniment. All washed down with a fabulous bottle of organic and biodynamic Chilean Syrah supremely selected by Nik the resident sommelier.

We managed to reserve space in our desert stomach to squeeze in a lovely chocolate tart and glass of port to round the afternoon off nicely. It achieved what all deserts strive to achieve…the Sweet Fiend’s seal of approval. Content, we slumped in to the couches for a short rest before we were ushered out and on our way.

We were promised one of the best roasts and it would be hard to disagree. It really does present a strong case for the argument that Sunday roasts are best when cooked at home.

Unfortunately as this roast was a one-off we did not feel it would be fair to mark this with our usual ratings. However, if the standard of the roast is anything to go by, we can most definitely recommend any future Unearthed Supperclub sittings the boys have to offer. The combination of organically sourced ingredients from reputable suppliers cooked to perfection, along with broadening your food understanding along the way, is a winning formula.

PS: The video above is our attempt to document the Unearthed Supperclub on film.


3 Responses to “The Unearthed Supperclub Roast”

  1. Pete Says:

    why do I always end up reading this blog around lunchtime… cold leftovers from last night ain’t exactly going to cut it now, is it?!

  2. Alesandra Says:

    Great write up. That food looks scrummy! I will be cooking a roast this sunday for my friends. I am inspired! 🙂

  3. Love your site…. Can’t beat a good roast! We’ve got one for Brighton…

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