Onwards and Outwards

September 21, 2010

Dear Fellow Roaster,

Woah. It’s actually happening. Faster than I expected, too. I’m leaving ol’ Blighty. Packing up shop. Well, I have already packed up and sent the shop home. I leave next Tuesday. Its been 4 and a half glorious years in London, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But it’s time to move home and embrace life down under. In case you are wondering, home is Australia, more specifically a little place called Perth.

I have delayed writing this post for as long as possible, mainly as I am still slightly in denial that I have to say goodbye. This blog has grown into my little baby, a toddler with a mouth stuffed full of roast beef, gravy dribbling down its chubby chin. And I have become quite attached to this little baby.

Grown from an idea thrown about by 4 housemates, the journey from the very first review at the Alwyne until now has been absolutely brilliant. Watching friends discuss gravy consistency, or analysing meat for tenderness and flavour; we transformed the standard sunday roast into a full blown critiquing session which has been both hilarious and extremely fulfilling.

So I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has joined us for a roast over the last 9 months, and everyone who has been reading and commenting about these roasts. You have helped make this blog what it is today, and without you I wouldn’t of been able to do it. Of course, we have locked in one final roast before I depart. This sunday, a proper affair, the likes of which have never before graced these pages. You and I are in for an absolute treat.

In the meantime however, Roasted Sundays shall continue onwards, and definitely more so outwards, providing Londoners with only the most in-depth and well photographed roast reviews from in and around the capital. I will remain on the board, albeit in a ‘New Roasting Development’ capacity, overseeing operations from the Australian office.

In my place, Industry Boy will be stepping up as Chief Executive Roaster (CER) and shall be taking your tastebuds forward from here on. I would also like to formally induct into the Roasted Collective, The Sweet Fiend, our resident dessert specialist. Please continue to make them both very welcome.

So with that I leave you. It’s been an absolute pleasure, and thank you again for reading thus far. I wish you all the best with your future roastings, and look forward to watching Roasted Sundays unfold from here on in.

Yours most sincerely in gravy,



One Response to “Onwards and Outwards”

  1. Nick Says:

    Sad days, you’ll be sorely missed.

    Good luck buddy in all your future roasting en”de(a)vours”. See what I did there ;P

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